mosquito control jennings

Tips For Evading Insects

Insects have their own world.  They live in the environment of dirt, sand, water and trees.  Many insects are helpful for our environment, they seek out dead and decaying items and help clean them up from our world.   However, there are some insects that are nothing more than predators.  The top on this list are the mosquitoes.  For this reason, mosquito control jennings professionals provide a service that we can turn to to have them managed and controlled.

Stay inside

The first thing that you can do is stay inside.  When we stay inside, we are creating a bubble universe that keeps us safe from insects.  To ensure that these insects are not allowed to come in, you want to keep food, water and trash free from your home.  You will also want to keep your yard clean as well as do other tasks to ensure that your inside environment is not attractive to them.

Create a barrier between you and the environment

The environment is where mosquitoes and other insects are present.  To help protect yourself from these insects you want to create barriers.  You can do this by making yourself less attractive to them.  For mosquitoes, you want to wear light colored clothing. 

White and light colors reflect heat.  Since mosquitoes are attracted to heat or can sense you through heat the light colors acts like a shield.  If you wear black or other dark colors, it will hold in this heat and make it easier for mosquitoes to find you.


mosquito control jennings

You want to have a drink of beer, wine or other alcohol to celebrate the summer.  However, when we consume alcohol it changes our blood chemistry and other scents.  These scents are then picked up by the mosquitoes that will then find us and seek us out.

Try to avoid consuming alcohol outside.  If you want to drink and celebrate do it inside or at the very least, do it behind a protective barrier such as a screen.