Fruit Cake Recipe with Philips Airfryer

Welcome back to another session of cooking with technology using Phillips where each one of you can be the super chef. We all love snacks for tea time but there are certain times you want to have a sweet bite and that is kind of cakes that are especially suited for tea time and today I am going to show you how to make fruit cake for the tea time snack bar.  I am going to use Philips air fryer for that but first let me use the Philips hand blender to cream the butter and sugar so  before I add the powdered sugar in this I am going to cream it cream the butter you know to keep the butter in the room  temperature for at least 20 minutes then the butter will become soft and you will be able to cream it so now the butter is  nicely creamed in this I am going to add you know powdered sugar so add very little by little and cream it ok life to be easy by using the gadgets so keep adding the sugar and cream it nicely see the beauty of using the technologies you know  if you do it with hand it will never come out so nice but here just in two minutes.

Fruit Cake Recipe


Look at the cream you know fluffy and white in this we’re going to add first some vanilla essence okay and also I am going  to add 2x so add little at a time okay do not add everything together just add little and you know do it at the lowest  possible speed okay this way the mixture will not curve and you know if you have big X because here I have taken 100 grams  of butter 100 grams of powdered sugar we are going to take a hundred grams of flour 100 grams of egg so if you have small  eggs sometimes it is going to be 3 X if you have a large eggs we are going to add 2 so here I have got large X so I have  just taken 2 so add some more of the egg and follow till the entire egg mixture is done.


Now you know once this mixture is all mixed so we’re going to you know let this sit on the side and we’re going to take a hundred grams of flour in this 100 grams of you can add dry fruits to de fruity in this also we’re going to add a little bit of caraway seeds you know they look like shy jeera but not you know caraway seeds have nice sweet aroma that is  specially used in for baking. You can also add pinch of ginger powder some cinnamon powder and pinch of baking powder all of this into the flour first we’re going to mix all of this so that they are equally distributed see the another reason why we added the dry fruits also in this the tutti fruity because if you don’t coat this with the flour.


The way I am doing sometimes they go and sit at the bottom but when the flour is added they settle well and then when you cut your cake the dry fruit will be evenly distributed so just make sure you mix it nicely in this you’re going  to add all this flour because making the small quantity I am just going to do cut and fold so basically just cut it and  fold it so this way you know the aeration whatever was done little bit you know this is not like we beat the egg whites  separately or anything but still some of the areas inform the creaming of fat will be intact so just mix this and look at  this in the fraction of you know four or five cuts this is all mixed up. Read more


We are going to pour this mixture into your mold make sure that the mold sits in your fire trail easily I am going to preheat the fryer at 180 degrees centigrade for three minutes and I am going to put this cake mixture into the mold with the liner so that it comes off easily so preheat for three minutes and transfer this mixture into the cake hole once the air fryer is preheated so I am going to pull the basket out just give the mixture a nudge and then we are going to place it in and this goes inside for around 15 minutes but what I would tell you is put it first at 12 minutes and then check it and if you need another two three minutes but we are going to do the cake test method before we finish it so here 12 minutes at 180 degrees centigrade after 15 minutes pull out the basket and if it comes clean and our cake is all done.


So we’re going to you know pull it out and put it on a tray so that it cools down and this is all ready and perfect so you know it is so versatile the air fryer you can you know nicely big cakes you can pop it you you can grill you can fry so many things you know all of those in such a beautiful package so I am going to let this cool down and sprinkle a little sugar cut it and enjoy it with T the awesome fruit cake is all ready and just we’re going to sprinkle some that’s okay  hahaha some of the icing sugar on top this sizing sugar is good now you know look at this so perfect and so good enjoy this with tea or just as is hmm Wow too good this is all about cooking with technology be smart Moo add cooked with  Philips airfryer and your life innovation and you Philips

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