Look At Happiness

Another Way To Look At Happiness

One way to look at happiness is to see it as a period of good following a period that is less good. This would make it a temporary feeling each time it was to occur. In this view of happiness, it wouldn’t make sense to seek happiness, because it would be like waiting for the good parts of the day and trying to skip over the bad parts. The good is only there because the bad was behind it, or else the good would not be labeled as happiness.

Go For Well-being Instead Of Happiness

Unless you normally think of happiness as a type of well-being, you are going to want to go for that feeling of content you get when things are going smoothly in your routine.  Happiness will be a fleeting period of time that comes and goes along that routine, but seeking it would be a disappointing activity.  It is sort of like only wanting to roll down a hill, but not wanting to walk back up the hill to do so again.  There has to be a give and take involved.

What Are Some Elements Of Well-being?

A feeling of well-being comes from knowing that your current mental system is allowing you to continue forward while growth takes place.  Although it doesn’t mean all time that passes by is enjoyable, you would be able to pick yourself out from any moment in time and see that you have a general good feeling about your progression.  This comes from knowing you complete tasks regularly and on time, and that you know how to respond and deal with others that come into your path.  Doing these things regularly builds up your sense of well-being.

Well-being Precedes Greatness

The foundation you build from regularly knocking task after task over is what is needed before greatness can come from you.  If you are expecting your greatness to come before you have gotten into a routine of doing what you have the opportunity and desire to do, your greatness will be delayed.  Look to produce that foundation.

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